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Valorant Cheats

External Pixel Bot is an aimbot mode for Valorant which gives you full control on how you want dominate the game.

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HWID Spoofer

Get now the best Valorant Spoofer on the market! Our Spoofer is primary made for Valorant. But this HWID Spoofer also works for other games. A HWID Valorant Spoofer is one off the most important things when it comes to cheating in Valorant.

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Registration Terms

All products offered by Digital Soloutions Necrum (referred to as Necrum, Reezli Cheats, "us", "we" or "our") are virtual, non-refundable and non-recurring software subscriptions. Exceptions to this are products that are expressly described as something other than software scubscriptions (e.g. vouchers or merchandise).


All software provided by Necrum can only be downloaded and used with a respective software subscription. Unless otherwise stated in the product description, a 64-bit version of either Windows 10 or Windows 11 is required to use the software. We do not offer support for other Windows versions than Windows 10 and Windows 11. Some products may not support windows 11, ensure to check it!


Using our software is limited to one personal computer only and requires a permanent internet connection to communicate with our servers (e.g. for authentication). When using our software, information about the users computer hardware (HWID) and internet service provider (ISP) is stored on our server in order to identify the user and his system on their next login. If the information differs from the information previously stored, the software cannot be used and a HWID or ISP reset must be requested. We the right to refuse a HWID or ISP reset if it shows evidence of a violation against our community guidelines. This is a common industry standard. In addition, we may store a user's public Steam-ID, which is not considered personal information under the Steam Privacy Policy, for diagnostic purposes.


An account suspension (e.g. for violating the community guidelines) on our website will result in the inability to use our software regardless of active subscriptions. Attempting to disassemble our software is prohibited and, depending on the situation, we reserve the right to take legal action as reverse engineering software is illegal by law.


The following conditions apply at all times:

We do not guarantee that our software will always available (e.g. server maintenance).
We do not guarantee that our software will always remain undetected by a game's anti-cheat measures.
We do not guarantee that the game will run smoothly for everyone when using our software.
All of our software is provided "as is", with all faults, defects, bugs, and errors and has no warranty.
We reserve the right to discontinue distribution of our software with immediate effect, thereby terminating the right to use the software.
Cheating in Video Games
When cheating in multiplayer games, you are voluntarily breaking the End User License Agreement (EULA) that you agreed to when purchasing or installing the game. As a result, the rights holder of the game can take action against you if they find out that you are cheating. This could include banning your game account, resetting your progress, or taking other action, including legal action, to penalize you. Cheating opens you up to be, under certain circumstances, sued for damages, or even face criminal charges if you are caught.


We as a cheat provider cannot be held responsible for any damage you suffer from cheating. We are also not responsible or liable for any potential consumer claims on intellectual property of third parties. If you choose to cheat, you do so at your own risk. You, as the consumer, protect us from third-party claims and will be held responsible for any damage that you cause.

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